The vision for this Ministry was given in December 1994 with clear prophetic signposts. Prayerful preparation was made since then and the Church was finally born on Wednesday the 12th of January 2000 at the Banquet Hall of Hotel Broadway, Abuja with 16 adults and 3 children with no musical equipment. Sunday service commenced 6½ weeks later. Our weekly bulletin “Comfort at Dawn” came into existence when the first Sunday service was held. The Church was incorporated the same year though the process of incorporation began the previous year.

Within just 2 months of our existence we had a choir, some musical equipment, a prayer band, protocol department, Advanced Discipleship Training Programme, a Life Development Institute and a weekly publication – Comfort at Dawn. This is clearly supernatural.

The Church’s website was established in 2001. The Life Development Institute has so far graduated 16 batches in colourful ceremonies. In 2003, we introduced a first class Leadership Training Programme (now part of the School of Ministry). On the first Sunday of January 2004, our weekly television broadcast Comfort at Dawn came on air. The Lord blessed us with the latest Editing Suite and professional DV cameras making the take off and running of the programme smooth. The TV programme has since grown, blessing millions around the world.

From inception, we adopted mission fields that we support financially. The Church also supports orphanages and the less privileged through the Food Outreach Programme.

In 2003 we introduced a monthly Dinner Outreach at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers which has now become a Leadership Dinner to reach the people at the top. It is run partly through the contributions of the Mission Partners of the ministry.

We moved from Hotel Broadway in July 2004, to a place opposite Apo Legislators’ quarters from where the Lord blessed us with our present property of eleven hectares, in January 2006 in a miraculous way.

From the 16 adults of January 2000, the church present has thousands of members. We commenced the second phase of the Ministry in 2005 with the opening of branches. The plan is to open at least ten branches every year. Our first church building with a capacity to seat 7,000 thousand, is nearing completion.

We have secured the approval of relevant government agencies to develop our housing estate and the construction of the first 56 houses will soon commence. The covenant is working and God is indeed faithful to His word.

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